Top 11 Best Kinemaster Alternatives for computer PC in 2023

Best Kinemaster Alternatives for computer

Kinemaster alternatives for computer PC have become something you need to know if you want to find editing software with similar functionality on a PC. As we all know, Kinemaster is one of the best editing tools you can use on your mobile. Therefore, this is useful for editing on the go.

Not only does it have full functionality, especially for the premium user, but it also provides a friendly interface. This combination was quite capable of helping you produce a sophisticated video.

However, editing videos on your computer PC will be much better than using a mobile app. Then, we will guide you to find the best free Kinemaster alternatives through the list below. Check it out!

Free Kinemaster PC alternatives

Since Kinemaster has impressive features, it appears to be an example of great editing software. Editing software should have similar features at least with this app to be considered good software. However, if you find better tools within the other software than Kinemaster, that’s fine. So, here is the list of alternatives to Kinemaster.

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Top 1. Sony Vegas

Sony Vegas contains everything you need for video editing and can be a great alternative to Kinemaster on a computer PC. Features like unlimited video and audio tracks and adjustment tracks can help you edit your videos unlimited. It provides hundreds of video filters and other free templates for you to use. Also, you can add keyframes and automation control to your videos to make them look more like Hollywood.


  • The artificial filter is interesting
  • Adjustment tracks enhance your video
  • Can edit green screen videos


  • Not suitable for beginners

Download Sony Vegas Pro

Top 2. Light works

Lightworks, Best Kinemaster Alternatives for computer PC

Lightworks, as one of the best Kinemaster PC alternatives, offers a free version and a subscription version. Although the subscription version contains more advanced editing features, you can still edit your video in an imaginative way using the free version. With the non-linear editing feature, you can edit your video and audio files together. With royalty-free stock audio supports, you can add lots of background music to your video without paying a dime. However, the free version of Lightworks only allows you to export 720p video.


  • It has a free and subscription version that users can choose from
  • Support Linux system
  • Powerful audio editing features


  • The free version has a limited resolution

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Top 3: iMovie


If you are a Mac user, I think iMovie is the sizable alternative to Kinemater for a computer PC. As a flawless video editor, iMovie is amazing in all respects. Progressive video editing features make it stand out in the video editor market. Being one of the Apple products, users can edit their videos between different iOS devices using iMovie and the transfer is convenient. It provides advanced and standard features that give you the best experience, regardless of whether you are a beginner or a pro.


  • Can edit between iOS devices
  • Support editing green screen resources
  • Publish your video conveniently online


  • It is not an easy job to edit MP4 videos

Top 4: VSDC

vsdc video editor

Looking for a free Kinemaster PC alternative? VSDC is the one you should consider due to its powerful editing features and wonderful user experience. It is a totally free video editing program to download. You can use advanced editing features such as color grading to determine the most appropriate video color. Not only that, but you can also produce your video in any video format you want. And you can easily share your videos on online social media like Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube. However, it can only be run on the Windows system.


  • Free download
  • It works fast even on low-end PC
  • Can add and edit subtitles conveniently


  • Not available on Mac

Top 5: Open shot


Openshot is a kind of open source and 100% free alternative to Kinemaster. It is available on Win, Mac, and Linux. I think it may be a good choice for anyone who has never touched video editing due to the concise interface and simple features. The audio waveform it offers can help beginners to better synchronize or adjust their video and audio. Users can quickly add watermarks or subtitles using the 3D animation features. In addition, it is available in over 70 languages ​​and users all over the world will encounter no obstacles while using Openshot.


  1. Open source and 100% free.
  2. Can edit unlimited tracks
  3. Easy to use interface and functionality


  • Can edit unlimited tracks

Download OpenShot

Top 6: Movavi Video Editor Plus

Movavi Video Editor Plus comes with a great editing tool, along with an audio tool. What does it mean? Yes, Movavi allows you to edit not only video but also audio in a convenient way. You can remove audio noise, adjust beat detection, and more!

It’s such a complete package to try. Also, the design of the worksheet is pretty simple and clear. Also, all beginners, you will not be confused using this interesting tool.

However, if you want a free tool without a watermark, maybe Movavi doesn’t suit your needs. You have to choose the pricing scenario to have a video without a watermark. However, this tool is worth trying.

Download Movavi Video Editor

Top 7: Filmora: A Must-try App of Kinemaster Alternatives

Aside from Movavi, you’ll also get Filmora which comes with a simple editing tool. Filmora will help you make captivating and interactive videos using some cool effects, multiple transitions, audio, and many more.


Not only simple, but this software also has an easy-to-use interface. So, for all beginners, you would like to try this tool we suppose. With great features, a great result comes. Also, this software is free. Are you interested in trying?

Download Filmora

Top 8: PowerDirector

Power Director

Video editing using a comprehensive tool with unlimited multi-layer editing for video, audio, and images will be perfect for all editors. Fortunately, you can find everything in PowerDirector.

In addition to its multiple levels, you can also find other interesting tools like motion graphics, green screen, video stabilization, and more. Of course, it’s not impossible to create your own super high-quality videos with these features. Furthermore, you can also directly upload the video to your social media, including YouTube.

Download Power Director

Top 9: Movie maker

Are you a beginner in the world of video editing but want to learn how to do it? No problem, because you can try Movie Maker as the perfect tool to get started. Since it was created for beginners, Movie Maker features a very simple and friendly interface with a set of basic editing tools.

With this simple tool, you can learn how to edit videos and create beautiful works. You can join multiple videos, trim, trim, add transitions, add audio, and so on. However, this software is only compatible with Windows. And what’s more, this is a free video editing software for computer PC. After all, you don’t have to think about the pricing scenario.

Download Movie Maker

Top 10: TechSmith Camtasia

TechSmith Camtasia is the ultimate video capture and editing solution. Camtasia might even be the best alternative to Kinemaster if you want to create some video tutorials. With the screen recording option, you can record high-quality videos right from your computer screen.

In addition, you can also edit the videos on the same platform to make them clearer. Plus, Camtasia even lets you add PowerPoint presentations to complement your content. So if you are going to attend a video conference or meeting, this might be your best choice.

Also, it has a very simple but interactive interface that anyone can get used to. Interestingly, it supports 4K videos and offers plenty of video tutorials to help you get started.

Features of Camtasia

Easy to handle
Multiple video layers
audio mix
VFX, chrominance, and effects

Download TechSmith Camtasia

Top 11: Davinci Resolve 15

Another free video editing software comes with a smooth and intuitive interface. Davinci Resolve 15 is fully customizable software that gives you a suite of cutting-edge tools you need to make great edits. Interestingly, the free version of this application gives you many of the things that you most likely have to pay for with other software.

It also has a powerful composer, audio editor, color grader, and fast exports. If you want to try the full functionality of this software, you can also subscribe to the premium plan. Davinci Resolve offers the Pro plan at an incredibly comparable price.

This simple-looking software can even take you to the next level of editing with cinematic quality, VFX compositing, and stunning motion graphics. So, with this awesome video editor, you can go from a very basic level to a very advanced one in no time.

Features of DaVinci

Multi-Camera Editing
color correction,
effective video cutting,
video crop,
And, audio mastering, etc.

Download Davinci Resolve 15

Top 12: Cyberlink Power Director

If you’re looking for a native alternative to KineMaster for PCs, Cyberlink Power Director might be the perfect solution for you, although it might be difficult for beginners. That’s because Power Director adds a professional touch to your regular videos. It offers dozens of effects, slow motion, multiple-track support, and everything you need to make your videos look like they were shot in Hollywood.

So to be able to play with such a wide range of tools, you need to have some experience. However, there are plenty of guides on the web that should suffice to get you started. In addition, Cyberlink Power Director also supports 360-degree video editing, which makes it unique compared to all other video editors. So, as an advanced alternative to Kinemaster, Power Director is worth trying.

Download PowerDirector

Top 13: NHC video pad

If you are looking for a simpler video editing program, NHC Videopad could be the perfect choice for you. Unlike Camtasia or Power Director, it doesn’t offer professional tools. Therefore, it has a very simple and easy-to-use interface. In addition, VideoPad supports all popular video formats including MP4, DIVX, AVI, MPEG, and so on.

The only downside, however, is that VideoPad doesn’t offer any predefined templates. Therefore, you need to edit your videos from scratch, which is quite difficult for a beginner. Besides, it offers amazing video transitions and effects like stereoscopic 2D to 3D conversion, adding text, titles, overlays, color keys, etc. Besides that, it also offers some purely digital audio tools and comprehensive video enhancement.

Download NHC VideoPad

Top 14: Hit Movie Express

HitFilmExpress is a very popular video editing software. It comes fully loaded with many essential video editing features. The best part is that HitFilmExpress is available completely free of charge, so. Millions of users rely on it today. However, as a beginner, this might be a bit tiresome. But with the training mode, you can easily improve your skills and become a video editing master.

The software is fully compatible with Mac and Windows computers. And it offers a complete pro experience with 2D and 3D compositing and over 400 unique presets and effects. Maybe includes unlimited transitions and tracks, and everything you see here is completely free.

HitFlim features

3D video support,
Numerous audio and video filters,
Advanced level of cutting tools,
layers and masking,
compositing tools and much more.

Download HitFilmExpress

Top 15: Pinnacle Studio

Another cheap video editing alternative is if you don’t want to invest much but need a comprehensive video editing tool on your Windows 10 PC. Pinnacle Studio offers a variety of effects, color correction options, 4K, and Multicam video editing. There are tons of royalty-free audio files, music, voiceovers, and more for powerful audio editing. The tool is overall very user-friendly and has all the features needed to get started with video editing.

Download Pinnacle Studio

Top 16: Adobe Premiere Pro

When we talk about photo editing, the first software that comes to mind is probably Photoshop. For video, it’s Adobe Premiere Pro. Whatever features you need, Adobe Premiere Pro gives you them. It offers a clean interface and seamless integration with other Adobe products like Photoshop for photos, After Effects for animations, Adobe Audition for audio editing, etc.

In their opinion, the video editor is one of the best in the business and “Adobe” did a fantastic job. They say that “the interface is simple and easy to use. Also, it offers a wide range of features that are loved by millions of people around the world. The only downside is the price. Yes, the price! This software is expensive.

Download Adobe Premiere Pro

Although Kinemaster is one of the preferred choices when it comes to mobile video editors since there is no such version for PC, we have listed 11 of its best alternatives. The list includes all basic and professional, free, and even paid programs. So you can make your choice according to your needs.

If you have ideas about the best apps like KineMaster for PC | Windows (11/10/8) and Mac, then don’t hesitate to enter the comment box below.


So, this is the list of Kinemaster alternatives for computer PC. You can find many types of full-featured software here. If you are a pro, try the advanced ones, while the simple ones will do well for the beginner. In this post, I list the 11 best alternatives to Kinemaster for PC and you can


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