The Secret of Letting People Listen to and Download Your Audio Mp3 Files

There are several ways and options to deliver audio to your listeners. I’m using the Audio Terminator product for parts of my web site.

On my recent tele-seminar my welcome message automatically starts playing when you go to the page. There is an option with the Audio Terminator service when you create your button you can choose do I want it to automatically play on every visit or do I want the visitor to have to hit the play button, so you have that choice. So Audio Terminator is what I’m using.

To download the free audio, what I do is after I do the editing of the audio I will upload the audio as an MP3 file format and I’ll upload it to the site into a folder and then when I want to make that MP3 available for someone who comes to the webpage – let’s say I write “download here” on the webpage and then I take that text “download here” and I hyperlink it to the audio file. So when someone comes to the webpage they can take their mouse button and right click on it and save the file onto their computer.

But that is the key, releasing your audio. Don’t hoard your audio. Don’t ever put audio up that you can play only because that just frustrates people. People want to take their audio with them and they want to take it on the road and they want to play it their way. Don’t determine how your market’s going to listen to your interviews, give them choices.

Having the ability to download it is definitely a premium advantage and you can use that advantage to bribe your visitors to give up their name and e-mail address. In product creation that’s another option. You could have three different levels. Let’s say your selling a series of audio interviews on referral marketing. You could have a free level where they can only play it, but they can pay a monthly fee to be able to download them and take them with them on the road. You can charge even more if you give them the audio transcripts. So giving someone more options, people will pay for that, and that has value.

Source by Michael Senoff

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