Signal alternative application for WhatsApp

What is the Signal application?
The Signal application is a messaging application or a conversation application, just like WhatsApp or Facebook Messenger, but it is an application that is geared towards more privacy and security.

The Signal app is free to use and is available on Android and iOS operating systems. Along with additional security protocols, it includes all the essential messaging tools you’ll need for conversations, including read receipts, emoji and emoji support, group chats, and voice and video calls.

Similar to WhatsApp, Signal uses your mobile phone number to identify you to your contacts.

The genesis of the Signal application
The origins of Signal go back to 2010, when a company called Whisper Systems first released two apps: one was TextSecure, which was encrypting text messages, and the other was RedPhone, which was doing the same for voice calls.

Signal application features

First and foremost, one of the most important features of Signal is that it protects your chats and conversations, as anything you send or receive is encrypted, which makes it very difficult for anyone who intercepts the data to understand what is being said unless they are the recipient, all thanks to a concept known as End-to-end encryption.

Here are the most important features of the Signal application:

Security, ease of download and use
Lightweight application on mobile devices
Expired messages
Your data is not stored
The best overall encryption system
open source
The sound and video quality is great
Prevent users from taking snapshots of the conversation
Set a password to access the Signal application
Signal application for the computer works independently of the phone
Send notes to yourself

Disadvantages of the Signal application

Of course there are some drawbacks, but they are not significant, let’s take a look at them:

The lack of many features such as those found in WhatsApp or even Telegram.
Some minor issues such as delayed notifications on some phones.

Difficulty saving and transferring conversations from one phone to another.
Finally, not many people use it! But I believe that many people have started using it recently.

Explanation of the Signal application

Many companies use encryption in many areas, which basically scrambles the contents of messages or some other snippets of data, rendering them completely useless and meaningless without the decryption key, which can decipher the terms and return the data to its original form.

Moreover, the fact that the Signal application is open source – where anyone can see how to write and program the application – but this does not mean that hackers can easily crack the encryption of the Signal application! (It is virtually impenetrable), however it means that security experts and users can verify that Signal maintains high privacy standards.

How to use the Signal application

The Signal app is available for both iOS and Android devices and is also available for Windows, MAC and Linux computers.

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Signal application for MAC computer
Signal application for Windows computer
Signal application for Linux computer
It is not difficult to use the Signal application, and the settings are the same as with many other chat messengers. When you install the application on your phone, you will be asked to enter and confirm your phone number.

If you are using Android, you will also be asked if you want to set the app as the default app for regular text messaging. (Apple, of course, does not allow you to change the default SMS app on iOS)

Signal application alternative to WhatsApp
At any time, tap the pen icon to start a conversation, or select an existing thread to follow. Icons for sending messages, making calls, attaching files, sharing photos, and embedding audio clips all appear within the conversation window.

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