How streaming companies made anime better than ever

anime, naruto, streameast, disney+, streaming

In recent years, anime has reached a new level of popularity, and the platform that fans watch it on plays a big part in that.

How Streaming Companies Made Anime Better Than Ever

The speed at which anime is being consumed and produced is now faster than ever. While many avid anime fans attribute this solely to the quality of the content and style of the anime genre, it likely has more to do with the rise in popularity of streaming networks and their methods of continually searching for new content.
anime, naruto, streameast, disney+, streaming
As streaming platforms have become the new normal, threatening the very existence of cable networks and even movie theaters, more and more people are delving into the depths of what’s on offer. With people generally consuming more media content than ever before, viewers are looking for new shows or movies to engage them, and this is where anime comes in.
Anyone who considers themselves an anime fan knows that it goes far beyond appreciating the aesthetics of a genre. What keeps viewers drawn back to the genre is the effort that goes into both the art and plot of most anime. Due to the increasing demand, old anime, new anime and those yet to be created are highly coveted by consumers, making them a kind of current media bonanza that prompts most broadcasters to reclaim the genre.

1- anime streaming services

The reason why people are able to consume so much anime today is due to the structure of streaming services. Viewers can easily discover new content and access it at the click of a button, almost infinitely so, as companies like Netflix and Hulu typically offer suggestions and new content to suit the tastes of each subscriber. In addition, with the recent rise in popularity of anime, more and more companies and existing franchisees in the genre are investing more money into creating more anime to continue the consumption pattern of such content.
Certainly, the best thing about streaming networks as a place to watch anime is that they are so easily accessible, which explains the rise in popularity of anime over the last decade. Anime fans from earlier decades might remember that they relied on cable channels like Adult Swim or various internet sources to watch many anime shows. Streaming providers offer an entire anime collection with multiple episodes, allowing subscribers to complete one series and move on to the next, maximizing the amount of consumable content.
What led to anime becoming so available on streaming networks was the method many viewers used to watch anime before streaming came along. Many people, especially in countries outside of Japan, hijacked anime content, especially to find it in translated form. With companies losing money doing this, allowing access to their streaming content simply became a better option so they could turn a profit.
While there are clearly several benefits to streaming anime, there are also some concerns. One concern that many anime fans have with streaming services becoming a regular platform for anime content is that they will inevitably get in the game. Streaming networks like Netflix typically start developing their own stories in specific genres when movies or programs in that genre have performed particularly well. After all, streaming companies, like all companies (especially those in Hollywood), are out for profit and put their money where they know they can make it, as do some others. Still, several streaming networks that have proven their skills through the success of their original works offer hope and potential for the anime stories they could bring forth, especially those that work with established anime producers.
The easiest way to get the best access to the largest anime library is to subscribe to multiple streaming companies, but some are better than others in terms of the quantity of options and releases available to choose from. Of course, since every streaming network offers so many options for anime streaming, subscribers first need to sift through which providers offer the best options for anime content. In this regard, there are essentially two types of streaming platforms: those focused on anime and those that are mainstream.
As for anime-specific streaming platforms, most viewers are happy with Crunchyroll, HIDIVE, and RetroCrush. The best mainstream networks for anime are Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Prime. One company to watch for entry into the anime game is HBO Max, which has partnered with Studio Ghibli. Any anime fan knows the art and impressive story of Studio Ghibli anime, so partnering with a successful and financially powerful network like HBO is certainly a promising team.
While it’s inevitable that the caliber of content will become popular, hopefully, the history, culture, and strong fan base behind the anime will be enough to keep it consistent. Regardless of what the anime’s future content will be, one thing is certain: its popularity status will definitely carry it forward.
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