Forget Apple Watch Ultra — save $100 on Garmin Epix 2 in early Black Friday sale

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If you’ve been waiting for Black Friday to upgrade your running watch, we’ve got good news — a few days out from the day itself, the Black Friday deals have started to drop, and we’re keeping an eye out for the gadgets worth investing in.

Right now, the Garmin Epix 2 is on sale for $843 at Amazon (opens in new tab) — that’s a saving of $100 on this excellent smartwatch. As one of the best Garmin watches on the market, the Epix has a gorgeous design, a bright display, and all of the health and fitness features you’d expect from a Garmin. Plus, at $843, now is a great time to buy.

Forget the Apple Watch Ultra this Black Friday. If you’re going to invest in a high-end sports watch with a killer screen, go for the Epix. If you’re heading out for a multi-day adventure, you want a watch that’ll keep up with you. With everything on, the Ultra has a battery life of 12 hours. In Apple’s new low-power mode, the Ultra still has the same GPS and heart rate capabilities, and a battery life of up to 60 hours, as the watch can reduce the frequency of GPS and heart rate readings.

The Garmin Epix 2, on the other hand, has the battery life we’ve come to know and love from Garmin. Garmin claims that the Epix will last up to 6 days with the display always on; if you turn on GPS, it will last up to 30 hours, and if you turn everything on and listen to music, you’ll get 9 hours out of the watch. There are ways to stretch the endurance up to 14 days when using GPS, though its accuracy will be lower. Read more about the Apple Watch Ultra vs Garmin Epix 2 in our comparison.

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Display-wise, the Epix 2 has a 1.3-inch AMOLED touchscreen screen, with 1,000 nits brightness that is bright and easy to read in direct sunlight. Like most other Garmin watches, the Epix 2 has five buttons — two on the right, three on the left — that are used to navigate its rather complex menus. If you’re out on a run or are wearing gloves, being able to use buttons rather than a touchscreen is vital.

In terms of fitness tracking, the Garmin Epix’s health and fitness features are identical to that of the Fenix 7, in that it can track just about everything. In addition to a heart rate monitor, the Epix 2 has a blood oxygen sensor that can keep tabs on your levels throughout the day, as well as perform on-the-spot checks. It can also track your sleep and menstrual cycle.

If you’re looking for a watch to train for a marathon with and look great on your wrist while you do so, you’d be hard-pressed to find a better watch than the Garmin Epix 2. Still not convinced? Read our Garmin Epix 2 review here to find out more. It’s also worth checking out this early Black Friday deal on the Garmin Fenix 7, which has $100 off right now.

Finally, check out our Black Friday deals hub for more early discounts ahead of the big sales day itself.

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