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Mega Cloud Application

Mega is a software that provides cloud storage for files on the Internet, making it easy to access, view and share files even if they were originally uploaded from your device to the cloud.

Preparing the Majia application The program is produced by “Mega” company, producing 100 GB storage, you can find alternatives to deleting files, you need to be concerned about the possibility of losing your data if the phone memory becomes full, but you can store your files securely with the ability to share them.

Do you need to know what interests you about this program?

They can incur very large warehousing costs, large warehousing, and large endowments on empty jobs and that’s what we call private lift.

Mega cloud storage app

This application is one of the downloaded version, using the storage space in the images and clips in the cloud, without much effort or financial expenses on it, where the default offer is up to twenty gigabytes of storage space, subscriptions for larger spaces and at competitive prices for other companies working in the cloud .

Introduction to the Mega program and the beginning of its emergence as a cloud transfer service on the Internet. The site and its services began to appear in 2013 and it has gained great and good fame, thanks to a number of reasons that led to the rise and download of data.

History of the Mega program and its manufacturer

The site was launched on the ruins of Mega Upload, a cloud storage site that was popular, as Mega came in as its replacement after the closure of the previously known Mega Upload.

Dot com is the founder and developer of the site, and its affiliate organization, the World Trade Organization, has offered offers to sell the application, especially it has become a competitor to Google, Mediafire and other cloud file upload platforms.

How to get a Mega account to upload and store files on it

After installing the application, the user interface appears, then the login button, then create an account, and a simple message, which is the name, email and password.

Later, you will receive a message in your e-mail, e-mail link, activation code, you must click on the link or write the verification code in the application, according to the updates carried out by the organization that made this application, after logging in, you can take advantage of the features of the places and upload your files on the private cloud space your.

How to use Mega Cloud Upload software

All you need to do is to collect your business data and store it on the space, upload it in one folder and view folders as you choose images or apps, supports most of the available global formats.

The advantages of the mega application that it provides

* The ability to upload files on an area of ​​100 GB for free and without any fees.

* The technology of recovering files that have been deleted where you can find them in the trash and you can retrieve them at any time.

* Continue the download and patch the graphs when it is interrupted due to weakness or if you are busy doing a case or the like.

* The feature of private data uploaded with friends and acquaintances, and this is optional, as you can keep uploads.

* Great support of extensions of different formats such as images, clips and programs from files.

The problem of the Mega Upload site with the US government, we mentioned previously that the Mega site came as an alternative to Mega Upload, and then the Mega site appeared to fill the void in the arena.

What systems does the Mega application run on Android and iPhone devices?

Supports Windows computer system, Android and iPhone, this site provides a large amount of storage space such as Google Drive, which provides you with 12 GB, while Dropbox allows you to reach the highest price in the Mega platform marked with M inside a red logo.

If you work in a specific place, you can create an image in a screenshot that works in an atmosphere of two stages in the operating system and worked in a professional image on the Mega application, with technical support also for the Mega application.

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