Download Chinese Music For Zune – How To Find Chinese Songs For Your Zune

In case you are looking to download Chinese music for Zune, you must be either a Chinese by origin or an Asian music lover. Or, probably, you just want to explore some ethnic music, something completely different from what you are used to listening. And why not – after all, your Zune capabilities allow storing so much of music that it is only natural to look for ways to expand your collection.

As for your choices from where you can download Chinese music for Zune, here is what you have:

1. Chinese music websites

Naturally, the largest collection of Chinese songs of all times is awaiting you on Chinese music sites. However, to use them, you have to understand the Chinese script and be able to enter songs’ titles in a search box. Of course, you can try and navigate a site just for fun – without knowing a word in Chinese – who knows, you may finally figure out how the stuff works, because sometimes English words like “mp3” and “download” are used. But in most cases, expect a huge time waste.

2. Ethnic music websites

Not so many, but there are a few sites dedicated to ethnic music. There, you have a good chance to download Chinese music for Zune. Since the dominant language of these websites is English, the song titles are spelled in Latin script as well, and it simplifies the search in case your knowledge of the Chinese language equals to zero. Such sites are usually good for classics and folk songs, but may not have a lot of contemporary music and latest hits.

3. Torrent websites

Out of desperation, you can try and search for downloadable Chinese songs on file sharing networks. However, be mentally prepared to all messy stuff like endless and complicated search among numerous pop-ups, slow downloading, and virus attacks.

4. Large comprehensive music libraries

Try to search for the songs you need on some of the biggest Zune music websites – you might be able to download Chinese music for Zune simply because such sites have billions of songs from all over the planet.

So, your interest for Chinese music can easily be satisfied, and you only have to pick up the site you are most comfortable with. Aspects like price, security, range of music and smooth downloading process are important to take into consideration.

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