60+ Brilliant App Ideas for Startups to Launch in 2022

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Finding million-dollar app ideas isn’t easy. The app concept is the most important part of building a successful app, right after you find the mobile app development company with the best mobile app developers on their team.

Can’t think of new ideas for your application? Here are some original 2022 app ideas you can steal.

1-Bike servicing app

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A platform and app for home bicycle maintenance that leverages technology for the convenience of two-wheeler owners, providing them with a transparent link to quality maintenance service providers. The platform can provide an assisted home pickup and delivery service, an integrated inventory management system that allows you to reduce waiting times, a smarter inventory allocation, an order management system, etc.

2-Health check-up and food planner app

This application checks your health on a daily basis and suggests you the right meals to eat to stay healthy. It puts you in touch with numerous healthy recipes provided by professional cooking bloggers. You can set the contents according to your health condition, for example, if you have heart disease, recipes with heart-healthy ingredients will be recommended. The app can partner with grocery stores to deliver healthy items online right from the app.

3-scan and convert to PDF.

Instead of going to a store to have your documents scanned and then convert them to PDF. The Scan and Save to PDF application can help you keep important documents such as receipts, documents, testimonials, notes, whiteboards, etc. safe on your phone. With this application, you can quickly scan your documents in high quality and save or send them as a multipage PDF or JPEG file.

4-UPI Payment Application

Unified Payments Interface (UPI) based payment apps are all the rage. It is a real-time interbank payment system that allows you to send or request money. You can link multiple bank accounts to one app and send/request money using your IFSC account number/code, mobile number, virtual payment address, Aadhaar number, and even a QR code.

5-fitness app

A web application for a healthy lifestyle, aimed at health-conscious people, which allows you to keep track of their habits, with the support of registered dieticians, pathologists, and health coaches, to reduce the risk of lifestyle disorders.

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The application will be equipped with several graphs to help the user manage their overall health, such as weight, sugar, heart rate, blood pressure, etc. The user is also provided with meal tables, life plans, and diet plans tailored to their conditions. It is also integrated with a chat feature that allows users to talk to the community and healthcare professionals.

6-Augmented reality app that helps you design your room

When shopping for home furniture, there are many things to consider. One of the most important considerations concerns the place where you want to place it and the most suitable type both from a functional and aesthetic point of view. The AR application allows users not only to take photos with their phones but also to place 3D models in virtual spaces that can be viewed from all angles, allowing them to see how an object would look in any room or environment without having to.

actually, buy! Users have paired with this tech-assisted design tool and shopping site combination so they can order online right from the interface, looking at images before making a purchase decision – just scroll endlessly on YouTube, and watch the cat videos instead.

7-Restaurant POS app

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If you want to reserve a special corner or middle table for your date, it’s easy with the reservation apps. Just select the places and times you want in advance and book them through our app!

8-Food Recommendations App

A food recommendations and reviews app show suggestions from people who love exploring different restaurants and who can be trusted to give reviews and recommendations on what to try when visiting a place to eat so and so.

9-Parking space search app

With this app, you can find free parking spaces in a specific location. The app can use GPS, webcam, location, and real-time parking data to find a free parking spot for the user as soon as they need it.

10-Crime Alert App

Once you’ve seen a missing person or a wanted criminal’s face on TV, it’s hard to remember. Also, there’s a chance you’ll meet a stranger who turns out to be a criminal you don’t know about. An idea for the app is that the app will warn you about criminals around you so you can save a life and help in catching a criminal.

11-Tip Calculator App

The tip calculator app has features that allow for quick bill entry for those who are dining out with friends or family and need to split the bill. You can calculate the exact tip percentage of the total bill on the spot and get good service whenever you want service at a venue.

12-Language learning app

The language learning app that helps users with some beginner lessons about different languages ​​is one of the best app ideas for 2022. The app can have different levels of difficulty from the first level with basic alphabets and letters to the advanced level that has full-fledged conversations contains. The app can turn on Narrator so students know how to pronounce the words.

13-Language translation app

One of the main problems when traveling abroad is the ignorance of the local language and the difficulty in communicating with the locals. An app that can translate your voice will be a revolutionary way for travelers to communicate. Words can be spoken on the phone, which is then translated into the desired language. The app also needs to work both ways to translate other languages ​​into yours in real time.

14-Contact tracing app

These apps are designed to help the government trace the contact chain of a user infected with the coronavirus by identifying the source and possible spread of the infection.

15-Real-time car sharing app

A real-time carsharing app allows users to register their car and enter the destination of their trip. Another user of the app driving in the same direction can enter their destination and find users with cars driving in the same direction. Maybe they can share the cost.

16-Call Recording Apps

Many victims today suffer from spam and phishing calls. So, they download it when they are being harassed by such criminals on their phone; all you have to do is record them with your device’s microphone, which is then stored as an audio file on any storage medium: in cloud providers’ data centers, where the recordings can later serve as evidence in court if needed, what a great relief in stressful situations.

17-Shopping mall navigation map

A digital shopping mall navigation map saves the digital map of all malls around and can be used for mall navigation and directions to get there. It is especially useful for larger shopping malls where with the help of the app the user can find the exact store or even the status of the restaurant, parking lot or mall crowding.

18-Railway tracking app

Metropolitan citizens rely heavily on trains to reach their destinations. When trains are delayed and you have no way of knowing whether to wait or consider another option to get to your destination, it can be incredibly uncomfortable. A train tracker app can show the exact time the train is at. So, if you have an emergency and the train is late, you can take a bus or a taxi.

19-Scan to shop apps

With this type of app, you can scan the items you want and find them or their closest replacement in online stores, so you can buy them immediately.

20-What’s in your refrigerator?

This application takes into consideration all the vegetables, spices, and other foods in your pantry or refrigerator and suggests what you can prepare at home. It also provides instructions on how to prepare a certain recipe.

21-toy exchange app

It is obvious that babies get tired of their toys quickly and move on to the next one as they grow up. This is one of the most innovative mobile app ideas of 2022, and it’s aimed at the community of parents whose kids are quickly outstripping their spoils. Instead of buying new toys every few months, parents can put their toys in the app and trade them with others.

22-finished product from the fridge alarm app.

When you run out of milk or some products that need to be in the fridge, this app can alert you to the list of out-of-stock products and give you the option to order them online.

23-recycling aid app

This application is able to scan your bin and determine if the degradable and non-degradable waste has been placed correctly in the appropriate containers.

24-App for virtual study groups

Students can meet in a common forum and prepare for exams together with other students of the same subject. The application can provide them with study materials, tools, discussion aids, guides, etc.

25-Language learning app

More and more people are learning new things to have broader life experiences and to improve their skills. You can take advantage of this by creating an app that helps users learn the A, B, C, and D of new languages ​​and progress according to their level of proficiency. This new app idea in 2022 may even facilitate audio functions for users who want to learn the correct pronunciation of words.

26-gift suggestion for friends app

This application can search your friend’s entire social feed history to suggest the best gift idea for your friend based on the content he has posted.

27-social network applications for the sale, purchase, and rental of objects.

This application will be like Facebook, but with advanced features like connecting with existing friends to sell/buy or rent items online. With this app, you can make recommendations, and search for and buy products based on your friends’ suggestions.

28-video editing application

Social media usage is on the rise, even as trending preferences for social media apps change. More and more people are posting their personal life on social media in video format, not only to share but also to market products. For this reason, such posts should always look professional and attract attention. Here is a video editing application that offers the user a professional-looking final product.

29-karaoke app

Everyone has a pop star fantasy, even if they’re not great singers. With a karaoke app, the user can sing and use filters to resemble their singing idols. In addition, even amateur singers can practice with the application.

30-Supermarket checkout app

Nobody likes to stand in a long queue at a retail store. With brands like Amazon launching self-checkout retail stores, this type of application will become more and more common. These applications allow you to scan products on your phone while shopping and pay accordingly.

31-Money Lending Tracking App

This app is ideal for friends planning a trip together as it keeps track of who owes them money and how much. Everything you need to do when a group decides on something in advance (e.g. to book a concert or a restaurant) but doesn’t have enough time before the event for everyone to have paid in advance: use this app!

32-The best app for finding vacation spots

With this app, you can enter your favorite scenery, vacation time, favorite activity, vacation budget, and other variables to get the top 10 places to spend your vacation.

33-Goods-transporter (logistics) app

Many people want to deliver goods to places at short notice, but finding the right services at the right time is difficult. On the other hand, there are vehicles that return empty after unloading the goods. In these cases, this app can provide information about available vehicles for the transport of goods.

34-fridge alarm app

If you are out of milk or some items you need in your fridge, this app can alert you to the out-of-stock list and give you the opportunity to order them online.

35-Water reminder app

Drinking more water can prevent most lifestyle disorders. With this app, you can be sure that you drink the required amount every day.

36-App for virtual clothes shopping

With this app, the user can see if the clothes he or she wants to buy fit better and how they look in different styles. With this app, the user saves time that he does not have to spend changing in the changing room and waiting in line.

37-Automatic coupon applier app

With this app, you can make the payment and automatically apply any available online coupons or offers to get the lowest price.

38-Consult a Doctor’s app

This app allows you to consult doctors on the app. You can ask questions and get answers from doctors, get the latest information on medical science, and even make an appointment with the doctor.

39-Find your band member app for musicians

This is the app that is like a job hunter for musicians. Band members looking for a job, be it as a singer, drummer, or guitarist, can find them here. Of course, musicians who want to join a band can search for different bands registered in the app and select the ones they want to join.

40-Business tips app

Young entrepreneurs who are in a difficult situation can access this forum-like app and discuss the different strategies and techniques needed to start a successful business.

41-Note-it app

Often we need to store something written on a piece of paper. Simply clicking on the image is not enough as it can blur the written details. The note-it app reads the content, i. H. the text or number written on the sheet, and saves it for further reference.

42-Warranty period warning app

With this app, you will find out whether the warranty period of your home electronics is about to expire.

43-Find people who maximize their spending through the credit card app

This app offers a matching service for people who want to maximize their spending with a rewards credit card to reap the benefits.

44-Re-cycle helper app

This app can scan your trash can and detect if the degradable and non-degradable waste has been correctly placed in the appropriate bins.

45-Social network app for single parents

This is one of the best app ideas that will be popular in 2022. It is part of social networking. The concept is to bring together single parents with similar interests and children of the same age group to share thoughts, parenting advice, tips, etc.

46-Subscription alert app

Nowadays, users subscribe to several apps such as Spotify, Netflix, Amazon Prime, and other entertainment and service programs. This app warns you and helps you to keep an overview of all your subscriptions and invoices that you have to pay for when you are due.

47-App for activity planning and motivation

This app enables the user to plan necessary things such as reading, sports, and cleaning according to his wishes. This app will motivate you and remind you of doing the task perfectly.

48-Pregnancy app

This is one of the ideas for a pregnancy aid app that will help pregnant women with all pregnancy-related advice and answers from professionally qualified people. It can also connect to an exclusive shopping segment for expectant mothers.

49-Tenant search/communication app

With an app for tenant search and communication, you can reduce the time required for the search for tenants. These apps facilitate contact between landlords who rent their real estate and interested parties who are looking for an affordable apartment near them that suits them! Landlords will appreciate that not so many applicants compete with each other if they desperately try to get an applicant before someone else moves into the previously available room, especially if these people have far fewer qualifications than most potential tenants these days

50-App for food shopping/comparison/order

An app that receives the entered food and compares the prices for all articles in various grocery stores near you. The app can also show the user better offers for the articles he wanted. If you are z. B. want to buy beef, the app automatically shows you the shops in which there are special discounts on this article. There are already apps for ordering food, but with a cost comparison function and links to local grocery stores, your food app has the X factor which users are looking for.

51-App for the search for tutors

This app serves to find tutoring teachers. It also helps the tutors to recruit more students. The categories can be defined according to the field, location, fees, etc.

52-Period calculator/birth control app

This app enables the start and end date of the monthly cycle and warns when the cycle is too late, too early, or unusually long (e.g. if medical help is required). The app can also have a birth-control pill reminder module.

53-Travel planning app

With this app, you can plan your ultimate journey. All you have to do is, information such as your budget, the landscape you like, the weather, activities, and other special features that are most interesting for your vacation, and the app finds the ultimate travel destination and the season, in which you can travel.

54-House-keeper finding app

With this app, users can find housekeepers. The selection can be based on the number of services you need (e.g. cooking, washing, dusting, dusting, walking with the dog), etc. This app will also be for housekeepers who are not trained or do not know the market value of their work, Help get appropriate wages.

55-Food donation app for restaurants

With this type of app, restaurants can invite charity organizations in their area to donate excess food to homeless people every day.

56-House safety app

With this app, you can control all safety devices installed in your houses such as burglary reporting systems and cameras. You can also use it in your office and access the video material from time to time and check it whenever you want.

57-Apps that scan terms/conditions

For many software, applications, and products, the user has to create a long document with the “general terms and conditions” today. Many users simply skip this part and sign the contract. Sometimes suspicious/unfair conditions are added with which the user does not necessarily agree. An app that can scan the general terms and conditions warns and protects the user from dubious conditions.

58-Disaster Management Applications

Disasters cannot be stopped, but we can prevent the damage they cause. A disaster management app that alerts people to disasters in their area (type of disaster, magnitude) can save many lives. The app can educate people on how to behave in case of a disaster, it can help find stranded people, it can support the rescue team with information about the damage caused and the number of people who need help, etc.

59-School notices app

The School Alerts app is a great way for parents to keep up to date with everything that’s happening at their children’s school. This includes important information such as snow/rain holidays, transcripts, and attendance rates, as well as upcoming events they may wish to attend! Teachers also have the option to upload photos or videos that help improve the learning experience at all levels of school, not just elementary schools anymore!

60-Complaint registering app

The public faces many difficulties where they want to make a complaint but do not know how to do it or do not have the opportunity to do so. With a complaints registration app that reports directly to a government agency, the public can file basic complaints about things like noise pollution, infrastructure repairs/maintenance needed, garbage build-up in certain locations, etc.

61-On-demand fuel delivery app

Anyone needing gas for their car can simply select the location on an app and a truck will appear within minutes! All drivers are equipped with GPS so they know exactly where to go when they deliver your next tank of fuel near you. And the best part? You don’t have to worry about safety regulations because everything is done right with this innovative new service called ‘Fuel Delivery on Demand’.

62-Referral app

Announcements can be annoying. However, a recommendation app can make things interesting. The app’s software development kit will be such that developers can place usable buttons on top of other developers’ apps. E.g. a music app that contains a button for the BookMyShow app.

63-Help apps for tourists

The most popular areas of the country are already familiar to visitors. This tourist support app can match locals with tourists and introduce them to hidden gems that generally don’t get the attention they deserve. In this way, tourists can get to know their destination even better.


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