15 Best Free Video Editing Software Program for windows and mac in 2023

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 The best video editor for low-end PC is a good way to optimize your workflow. We have put together a list of the best options to make the right choice easier.

Since modern video editing programs are designed for powerful and quite expensive computers, it is extremely difficult to find a cheap computer program. It should meet your needs without claiming many resources.

The 5 best video editors for low-end Computers

We carefully examined the market and tested various tools to help you find the best video editor for low-end PC. This allows you to edit videos with inexpensive equipment. If you would like more information, we also recommend the official websites.

Top 1. VSDC – Our choice

Conclusion: VSDC is a free video editing software from Microsoft and one of the best products that have come from the Microsoft warehouse in recent years. There are many functions in VSDC that can be set to different options so that you can create the perfect video for every purpose.

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If you want to create videos that can be uploaded to YouTube or similar websites, you will definitely find this program very useful.

Top 2. Shotcut (Win, Linux, Mac)

Conclusion: The Shotcut video editor is one of the most popular and most frequently used PC editing programs. Shotcut is very easy to use and enables you to use the processing options of this special software excellently.

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If you use a low-end PC, the shortcut may not be the best processing software for you, but it has many advantages over other video editors on the market.

Top 3. Wondershare Filmora 9

Conclusion: Wondershare Filmora 9 is one of the most effective tools that will help you create perfect videos that attract customers for your online and offline business.

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The functions that make this Wondershare Filmora 9 video editor for low-end PC a must include an innovative photoshop option, a large selection of templates, a unique document protection function, a unique scratch and painting technology, and many other functions, that enable you to create videos of professional quality without having to worry about technical skills.

You get default split screen settings, advanced text editing, auto ripple, video/audio changes, brightness, contrast, and blurriness settings.

Operating system versions supported by this software include MacOS V10.12 or later, Windows 10 (64-bit only), Windows 8.1, and Windows 7.

Your device’s RAM must be at least 4 GB so that both the software and your computer can work efficiently.

The downloaded file size for Wondershare Filmora 9 is less than 1MB on Windows and around 2.5MB on Mac. It hardly takes up any space on your PC.


She works very efficiently.
It has all the video editing tools.
It has an easy-to-use interface.


There is no free version.

Is Shotcut suitable for low-end PC?

Yes. Shotcut is a great video editing software that allows you to go beyond your editing capabilities and explore more with its unique features.

It allows performing some basic video editing tasks such as: Sharing and applying filters.

The interface is also easy to use once you understand where each feature is and how it works.

Can I do video editing on a PC with 4GB RAM

8GB is perfect for editing videos below 1080p and 8-bit color. However, the maximum is 16 GB of RAM.

If you are a professional video editor, you should get a device with 16 to 32 GB of RAM. This allows perfect editing of 4K videos in 8-bit color.

If you have larger projects with numerous effects and bit depths, it is best to choose a device with 64 GB of RAM.

You can affirm that video editing is possible for everyone and that the only thing you need to succeed is passion.

With this software, you can rest assured that your low-end PC will serve you well and take your video editing to a new level.

Top 4. Adobe Premiere Pro

Conclusion: The Video Editor Adobe Premiere Pro for low-end PC operating systems is not the most functional processing software on the market, but it has all the tools you need to create professional videos.

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Although this open-source video editor can be used for many purposes, most users look for ways to give their work a creative touch. For example, you can make a music video or maybe a home video with some special effects that were recorded with a home video camera. Most good processing programs enable you to walk through the different steps quickly and easily to achieve the desired result.

Top 5. Lightworks

Conclusion: Lightworks is the perfect video editing software for Windows, both for new and experienced users. The best video editor for low-end PC can be seen as one that meets the needs of the average person and has not too many problems with regard to compatibility, as it is one of the most popular video editing software these days.

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Many professional video workers have found that due to its numerous tools, functions, and the user -friendly surface, Lightworks is an excellent processing solution for beginners and experts alike. This processing software has also won many hearts because of its professional-looking edition.

Top 6- create Vimeo

The best AI video editing software

Available for: iOS and Android

Price: Free; pro and business subscriptions start at $ 7 per month.

Watermark: No

Vimeo Create, a free editing application that you can link directly to your Shopify store, automatically transforms existing product images and text into quality e-commerce videos. No video experience is required.

All you have to do is answer a few questions about your product, add your video and logo, and select style customizations. Vimeo Create automatically edits the video in minutes (but you can also choose your own styles or start from scratch). The AI ​​software even suggests colors, themes, music, and fonts.

Features Include Vimeo:

  1. Over 1,000 templates to choose from
  2. Face detection, filters, effects, and automatic cropping
  3. Professional self-editing capability
  4. Ability to share videos on marketing channels
  5. Unlimited high-quality stock images with iStock integration
  6. Commercially licensed music library to choose from.

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Top 7- VideoPad

The best free video editing software for beginners

Available for: Mac, Windows

Price: Free

Watermark: No

VideoPad is a great option for those who want to create high-quality videos without spending a dime. With VideoPad, you will find all kinds of simple and easy-to-use functions, such as 3D video editing and a library of sound effects, to try out different compositions and video styles.

You can edit videos with special effects, overlays, text, and transitions, as well as use color adjustments and sound effects. Then export your finished video quickly and easily to YouTube, Facebook, Google Drive, and other mobile devices.

Features Videopad:

  • Dual built-in screens (one for previewing selected clips, one for previewing the entire sequence) for easy and intuitive editing
  • Pre-packaged customizable transitions for flawless professionalism
  • Export presets to easily create video files optimized for specific platforms like Facebook and YouTube and publish directly from the software
  • Social media sharing and posting tools to instantly share videos online
  • A large library of video transitions and visual effects to customize videos
    Video enhancement tools, such as stabilization

Top 8- DaVinci Solution

The best free video editor for advanced editors

Available for: Windows, Mac, and Linux

Price: Free; $ 269 for the full Studio version

Watermark: No

DaVinci Resolve combines professional 8K editing, color grading, visual effects, and audio post-production into one production tool, making it the software of choice for many professional film, TV shows, and commercial editors.

DaVinci allows for both offline and online editing, and its powerful playback engine saves time on editing and cropping, even with processor-intensive file formats like H.264 and RAW. DaVinci Resolve’s complex features may be too extensive for some users, but the free version is perfect for more advanced projects.

Features include:

  • Double timeline for quick navigation, trimming and cropping.
  • A dedicated finishing interface that allows you to change the finest details.
  • Intelligent automatic editing that synchronizes audio and video clips for you
  • Built-in tools for picture-in-picture, rhythm, stabilization, dynamic zoom, text and audio effects
  • Face detection recognizes faces in clips and automatically creates baskets based on the people in each shot.
  • High-quality speed changes and frame rate conversions to estimate motion and speed up or slow down clips in a simple and realistic way.

Frequently asked questions about free video editing software

Top 9. VLC (Windows, MacOS, Linux)

VLC was released as an open-source non-linear video editor for low-end PC that allows you to get great effects and results. With VLC you can edit videos flexibly, e.g. B. by cropping, color correction, rotation, overlay, and motion blur. When it comes to audio effects, VLC can equalize, compress, spatialize and apply stereo windener.


Operating system: Windows XP or higher; macOS 10.7.5 or higher

CPU: 512Mhz


Hard disk space: 100 MB for installation


A number of minor and advanced changes
Free and without watermark


Outdated interface
Missing music resources

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Top 10. OpenShot (Windows, MacOS, Linux)

As one of the best video editors for low-end PC, OpenShot is handcrafted and open source. With OpenShot you can quickly trim your clips and capture the best moments. Most importantly, this tool renders beautiful 3D animated subtitles and video effects like lens flares, flying texts, and snow. That’s cool!


OS: Windows 7, 8, 10; macOS 10.9.0 or later


Hard disk space: 500 MB for installation


Compositing, overlays, suitable for SVG
Keyframe animations
Audio mixing and editing technology
For low-end PC without a watermark

Cons :

The creation of split screen videos and PiP videos is not possible
Not suitable for 4K and 8K video editing for low-end PC

Top 11. EaseUS (Windows)

EaseUS is a video editing program designed for low-end computers. 512 MB RAM and 500 MHz are enough to run on your desktop without any problems. And the installation space only occupies about 100MB. With this tool, you can easily learn how to do small video editing.


Operating system: Windows 7, 8, 10, 11


Processor: 500MHz or faster

Hard disk space: 100 MB for installation


Trim, cut, and split video
Add background music to the video
Green screen and voice over


The video will be watermarked
Audio cannot be extracted from the video

There is an autosave of this post that is newer than the following version.

Top 12. iMovie (MacOS)

If you are an Apple video creator, you are probably unfamiliar with iMovie. This low-end video editing software offers great features and useful tools like a trimmer, cropper, chopper, cutter, rotater, and converter. iMovie makes it easy to create videos and short films. More importantly, it’s a simple video editor with no watermark.


Operating system: macOS 10.14.6 or later


Processor: 1GHz G4

Hard disk space: 2 GB for installation


Nice interface
Quickly create a movie with a color correction function
motion tracking
A wealth of filters and transitions


iMovie is not designed to edit MP4 files.
No export format for YouTube and other social media

Top 13: BeeCut (Windows, macOS, Linux)

BeeCut provides a complete set of video templates that allow users to create standard video introductions and outputs. In other words, you can create a good video with background music, titles, filters, transitions, and other elements on your low-end PC. If you want to try more types of transitions and overlays, choose BeeCut.


OS: Windows 7, 8, 8.1, 10; macOS 10.9.0 or higher


Processor: Intel Pentium 4 or higher

Hard disk space: 100 MB for installation


Lots of built-in music resources
Quickly add lyrics to videos
An extensive library of filters and transitions


Comes watermarked
No split screen and PiP functionality

Top 14:  AVS (Windows)

AVS works with the most popular video formats and HD videos. If you have MP4, DVD, AVI, MOV, VOB, WMV, MKV, and WEBM, AVS has to be one of the best low-end PC video editing software options. AVS can process videos in Full HD, HD, DCI 4K, 4K Ultra HD, and 2K Quad HD resolutions. This video editor lets you record videos with a webcam or capture the entire screen to get you started.


Operating system: Windows XP 32-bit or higher


Processor: Core 2 Duo E7500 2.93GHz and Phenom Ⅱ X2 560 Black Edition

Hard disk space: 170 MB for installation


For many common formats
Video recording with a webcam
Automatic color correction
Creator of vivid presentations


Has a download watermark
May Delay

Top 15: TunesKit AceMovi (Windows, MacOS)

The first video editing program for low-end devices that we would like to recommend is TunesKit AceMovi Video Editor. It’s a one-stop video editor that offers multiple effects and transitions. It comes with a screen recorder that can capture both images and your computer’s audio.

As a well-established video editor, AceMovi is loaded with features like split screen, filters, animations, lyrics, music library, fade in and fade out. You can easily learn how to use it yourself in just a few steps. If you are looking for video editing software for low-end PC, this is also a good choice.

Key Features:

  • Plenty of filters, transitions, background music, sound effects, etc.
  • One-stop video editor
  • User-friendly control panel
  • Various output formats, devices, and social platform options
  • Best video editing software for low-end PC

System Requirements:

  • Operating system: Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 8.1, 10, 11 (32-bit & 64-bit); Mac OS X 10.8, 10.9 or higher
  • CPU: 1 GHz processor or higher
  • RAM: 512 MB (Windows); 256M (MacOS)
  • Hard disk space: 5 GB for installation
  • Monitor: 1024×768 pixels or higher

How to choose a video editor

There are plenty of desktop editors available for businesses looking to create promotional videos. The biggest benefit of free desktop video editing software is that it tends to offer more features than most mobile video editing apps.

Regardless of whether you edit videos for YouTube or TikTok, there are a few things to keep in mind:

Support: Customer support is always helpful if you are new to video editing. If you have a question about a feature, it’s good to have a place to get answers. Check if your software has support services such as email/phone support, FAQs, or community forums where you can get help from real people.

Export options: Where will you post videos? Make sure your video editing software is capable of producing high-quality videos in the most popular formats so you can easily upload your videos to your social channels.

editing features: Check if your favorite software has powerful video editing tools that will impress viewers. For example, if you are using drone footage, we recommend editing software that allows you to enhance and add effects to the video. Maybe you need chroma key editing or color grading, or advanced features like 360-degree editing.

user experience: Another point is how easy the software is to learn. Look for software with quick edit modes so you can quickly edit videos in your preferred style. Templates are also a plus. Good editing software also provides tutorials to help you learn its features and operation.

Hidden costs: While some video editing programs are “free,” they only work well if you pay more to access better features. A completely free editing software may have limited file format support, poor performance, or other limitations. The software you consider should handle all of your basic editing needs at no extra cost.

Requirements: Some programs are only available for certain types of computers. For example, not every software on this list will work with Google Chromebook. Before you invest any time in software, make sure it’s compatible with the desktop you’re using.

What is video editing software?

Video editing software refers to tools that help businesses successfully edit, modify, create, or manipulate video or film files. You can trim and organize the video for better flow, remove sections and add effects to enhance the video. Businesses, regardless of their size, can benefit from a good video editor to create compelling video content.

What do most YouTubers use to edit videos?

  1. iMovie
  2. Adobe Premiere Pro
  3. Shotcut
  4. Final Cut Pro X
  5. Lightworks
  6. Adobe After Effects
  7. Freemake

Which is the easiest video editing software?

  • Nero video
  • Movavi Video Editor Plus
  • lumen5
  • HitFilm 4 Express
  • Pinnacle Studio
  • Apple iMovie
  • Blender


In this article, we have analyzed how you can become a great video editor even if you don’t have the money to buy video editing software and have a slow computer. These video editors are completely free and can definitely help you create professional quality videos, be it games, YouTube, school projects, etc.

These are the best free video editors the internet can offer, especially for slow computers.


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