7 Best Action Anime To Watch If You Love Lycoris Recoil

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Lycoris Recoil offers fans a great story, but because it’s so short, fans might want to take a look at this anime to learn more.
Lycoris Recoil is a great anime with an intriguing premise that will appeal to many fans. The idea of ​​an all-girl task force taking on everything from simple tasks to taking down high-level threats is really very interesting and the series has the potential to be something really brilliant. However, as of this writing, there simply aren’t enough episodes for fans to really appreciate what the series is about.

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Luckily, the rich and wide realm of anime is filled to the brim with amazing series that is very similar to Lycoris Recoil in many ways. Here are some of the best anime for fans of this new series to watch, with every title on this list being brilliant in so many ways.

Tokyo Ghoul

Tokyo Ghoul is an anime that started out with a lot of potentials before turning away from the manga and venturing into risky new territory that ended up not being worth it. However, the first anime is still one of the best series to watch and fans of Lycoris Recoil will find a lot of really great stuff in this series.

The biggest similarity between the two shows is the use of a coffee shop as a facade that hides something deeper. That being said, the themes and tone of the series naturally deviate a bit, but there’s no denying that Tokyo Ghoul is a worthwhile sight for people who enjoy the setting and elegant animation of Lycoris Recoil.


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Spy X family

Spy X Family is another new anime that is turning heads with its intriguing and sane premise. The idea of ​​three mysterious figures banding together to start a family as a cover for their actions is quite compelling, with the series blending elements of slice of life and action into a memorable story.

Spy X Family hasn’t been on the air for very long, but the huge popularity it’s enjoying makes it clear that the series is destined for big things. Fans of Lycoris Recoil and its unique premise will have a lot of fun with Spy X Family!

Ranma 1/2

Ranma 1/2 is a pretty funny anime classic. It tells the story of Ranma, a man doomed to turn into a woman whenever he comes into contact with cold water. It’s a fun premise as Ranma is constantly thrown at the idea of ​​changing his gender over and over while interacting with the other characters in the series.

Ranma and Akane’s relationship is another strong point of the series, which also brings a bit of romance into the mix. Ranma 1/2 does a lot of things right and well, so it’s easy to see why it’s one of the most popular anime of all time that’s still being talked about today.


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Princess Principal

Princess Principal is incredibly similar to Lycoris Recoil in many ways. Both shows are about high school girls who keep up the normal facade and hide the fact that they actually work for an undercover organization that deals with serious threats.

Princess Principal’s world is another interesting aspect that makes the film a great experience. It’s an easy recommendation for fans who want to see something that matches what Lycoris Recoil has to offer.

Log Horizon

Isekai anime has become all the rage in the modern era, with several anime covering this genre with varying degrees of success. Log Horizon is one such anime, where the world of Elder Tale becomes surprisingly real and solid, with all the rich world-building and lore present in this underrated series.

Viewers who want to see heroes living their lives in a fantasy world reflecting on their real existence will have a lot of fun with Log Horizon. It may not be the most original anime, but it is certainly one of the best ways to approach the isekai genre.


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Prima Doll

Another series that focuses on girls in a cafe is Prima Doll, a very cool anime that fans should see. The idea of ​​mechanized automatons in the shape of cute girls trying to solve the problems caused by war is really funny.

Lycoris Recoil fans will enjoy watching Prima Doll. This anime is also still in progress and there aren’t many episodes coming out at the moment. However, it’s clear that fans will get hooked on this one-of-a-kind series once all the episodes are released.

Puella Magi Madoka Magica

The Magical Girl genre is one of the most popular around, with several anime taking advantage of this setting’s many tropes. Puella Magi Madoka Magica is one such series that takes advantage of this setting and turns it around in the most brutal way possible.

Sometimes the show can get really creepy, and that’s one of the reasons it’s so compelling. Lycoris Recoil fans will have a great time watching Puella Magi Madoka Magica.

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