14 Best Ad Networks For Publishers (2022 Top Picks)

Are you a publisher looking to monetize your content? If you said yes, ad networks offer you exactly what you need to maximize ad revenue online.

Whether you’re a beginner or a top-tier publisher, today’s post lists the best ad networks to boost your monetization strategy.

For the astute publisher, there is good money to make within the advertising space. According to Statista, digital advertising spending worldwide was $521.02 billion in 2021.

The source projected the spending would reach $876 billion by 2026. That means – if you have lots of high-quality traffic – you can make a tidy sum selling ad space.

You can use a single network or multiple ad networks to sell remnant ad inventory. And thanks to programmatic advertising, most of the process is automatic.

We understand the ad tech industry is full of confusing jargon, to say the least. We will do our best to steer clear of that in this post.

So which is the best ad network? And which is the right ad network for your business? Let us start since there is a lot to cover.

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